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Re: pgg-epg.el and pgg

From: Pietro Giorgianni
Subject: Re: pgg-epg.el and pgg
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 02:38:47 +0200
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Daiki Ueno <> writes:
>> what can i do?
> Perhaps, you need to set gnus-buttonized-mime-types as well?
> (setq gnus-buttonized-mime-types '("multipart/signed"))

it worked!! thanks!!

can i make this:

[[PGP Signed Part:Good signature from 514CDDD62AC93D86 Pietro Giorgianni 
<> (trust ultimate) created at 2007-04-17T00:29:07+0200 
using DSA]]

more beautiful? that is:

* shorter, or splitted on more lines;
* colored! with different colors for trusted, untrusted, etc.?

and, how do i tell gnus to automatically sign every mail i send?

thank you again!


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