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Re: IMAP and Exchange 2007

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Re: IMAP and Exchange 2007
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 10:30:31 -0400
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>>>>> "TB" == Tobias Brink <> writes:

   TB> Joel Reicher <> writes:
   >> Jake Colman <> writes:
   >>> Yes, I have found the postings that indicate that nnimap won't
   >>> work with Exchange 2007 and that it's Microsoft's fault.  Great.
   >>> But is there anything I can do?
   >> Transfer the mail somewhere else; either to your home directory or
   >> to a proper IMAP server. Gnus can transfer it to your home
   >> directory using POP if your Exchange server offers it, or using a
   >> subset of IMAP (which may work OK even on Exchange). See the info
   >> node on Mail Source Specifiers.
   >> fetchmail or mailutil (from the uw-imap toolkit) may be able to
   >> transfer it to another IMAP server. Haven't tried this kind of
   >> thing myself.

   TB> To synchronize between IMAP and a maildir or between two IMAP
   TB> servers you could have a look at offlineimap.  I use it two sync
   TB> between two IMAP servers, which works great.  Don't know if it
   TB> works with Exchange, though.

offlineimap sounds very interesting.  Assuming it works with Exchange,
does it play nicely with Gnus?  Does Gnus support Maildir format?  I
can't imagine that it doesn't.

Do you use offlineimap?  If so, some quick questions before I delve more
deeply into the manual.  offlineimap will dump my IMAP folders into a
Maildir equivalent.  I assume, then, that I use split rules on the
Maildir folders to split my messages as I see fit.  offlineimap will
then sync what I've done so that my IMAP servers see where I put my


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