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Migrate from Maildir/IMAP/Exchange to NNML

From: brettrandall
Subject: Migrate from Maildir/IMAP/Exchange to NNML
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 20:00:37 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Hey everyone

I used to use Gnus as my mail client, years ago... Used it for about 5
years. It was great. Then I needed to have more integration with our
internal Exchange server so had to move away to Outlook. Now I'm back
to needing Gnus. Outlook, kmail, Evolution, Entourage - they all suck.
I need a mail/news client that lets me send an e-mail in a handful of
keystrokes rather than needing to click all over the place and wait
for God-only-knows-what to finish doing what its doing in the
background. Only problem is I need to move all my mail (3gb) of it
back from the Exchange server.

I've sync'd all 3gb of mail to a local Maildir using offlineimap. I've
tried using nnimap to read my mail (by using Courier IMAP as a local
server and pointing it to the sync'd Maildir), however its not as
stable as I'd like. So, I'd like to turn all my IMAP folders (~/
Maildir/.TopLevelFolder, ~/Maildir/.TopLevelFolder.2ndLevelFolder,
etc) into NNML folders. Has anyone got a script or other that can
already do this? I don't care if it uses the locally sync'd Maildir,
whether it talks to an IMAP server (local or remote), or if it reads
from a PST - I just need to figure a way of converting all my folders
to NNML and then getting Gnus reading them.



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