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Re: Gnus PGG: Saving cleartext

From: Cor Gest
Subject: Re: Gnus PGG: Saving cleartext
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 17:54:11 +0000
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Some entity, AKA Christopher Culver <>,
wrote this mindboggling stuff:

> When I receive a GPG-encrypted message in Gnus and file it away in my
> mail archive, I have to enter the GPG passphrase to decrypt it every
> single time I want to read it. This is an inconvenience, and if I ever
> lose my private key I'll never be able to read the message again. Is
> there any way to make Gnus permanently replace the encrypted message
> with the decrypted cleartext, and if not, is that functionality on its
> way?

Yes, yes-yes, yes and (hopefully NEVER).

BUT , have you thought about why you used encryption in the first place,
storing it in clear defies any logic to use any encrypotion at all.

That is like hiring an armoured car and 10 nasties to tranport you gold and then
dumping all that metal as a scrapheap in your frontyard.

when reading the clear text : write the pgg-output-buffer to a file.

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