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Re: Gnus PGG: Saving cleartext

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Re: Gnus PGG: Saving cleartext
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 15:03:24 +0300

Cor Gest <> writes:
> Yes, yes-yes, yes and (hopefully NEVER).
> BUT , have you thought about why you used encryption in the first place,
> storing it in clear defies any logic to use any encrypotion at all.

Nonsense. PGP has traditionally been explained as the equivalent of
sending letters in envelopes instead of postcards. It keeps the
message confidential while it is transmitted and delivered. Once it
reaches me, I prefer to rely on general hard drive encryption to
protect everything.

> when reading the clear text : write the pgg-output-buffer to a file.

This should be automated. Saving the decrypted cleartext of a message
was a common feature in mail clients of the 1990s. I'd hate to think
we've reverted.
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