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Re: My first article with Gnus, eventually...

From: Francis Moreau
Subject: Re: My first article with Gnus, eventually...
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 11:14:31 +0200
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 12:12:05 +0200 Francis Moreau <> 
> wrote:
> You probably want to tick the articles then (it's the 'This Is
> Important' flag).  They won't go away or get expired.

well, it auto magically does what I wanted: once I entered in such
group all articles are shown, I haven't setup anything for that

> FM>   - I'd like to get a copy of the mail I send to my mail box instead
> FM>     of archiving them in a 'Sent' mail box. How can I do that ? Of
> FM>     course this doesn't apply for news groups.
> Customize gnus-message-archive-group.

Well, as harven replied, it's probably better to use 'G c' to
customize group parameters.
> FM>   - When I post an article to a newsgroup, the news server put my IP
> FM>     of the machine I used to post this article. Is it possible to
> FM>     prevent this from happening ?
> Yes, you need to customize message-user-fqdn I believe.

It's not enough I'm afraid since the news server add my IP in the
'Original-Received:' header field.



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