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Re: Can I grab mopre than one address for BBDB?

From: Someone
Subject: Re: Can I grab mopre than one address for BBDB?
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 09:12:22 +0100
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Hi, I've been lurking for while, and I thank you all for the wonderful
help and questions that I have seen here.  I've been a GNUS user long
time ago, but chance made me change to another MUA for a decade or

I never really learned to use the power of Gnus though. Also back
then, even the most simple e-lisp statement was black magic to me.

One of the nice things that I discovered when returning to Gnus, was
BBDB intregration, but so far its been a steep learning curve.  Not
surprised though.

Martin Fischer <> writes:
> Andreas Davour writes:
>> I've been using BBDB for storing e-mail addresses from people for a
>> while now. I've tried to find some info in the BBDB docs how to use it
>> with gnus, but found little.

I haven't really found any - do you have any pointers?

>> If I get an e-mail From: FOO and CC: BAR is there a way to add BAR to my
>> BBDB address book? Using : only adds FOO.
> M-x bbdb/gnus-show-all-recipients RET  ?

Thanks a lot!  Both ":" and "M-x bbdb/gnus-show-all-recipients RET"
was new to me!  So far I have been manually adding entries to BBDB.

Now we just have to wait for PIM synchronisation and the world is nice
place to live. :)

/Someone .

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