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Re: ham/spam problem

From: henry atting
Subject: Re: ham/spam problem
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 16:03:27 +0100
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On Mi, Jan 07 2009, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> On Sat, 03 Jan 2009 08:02:14 +0100 henry atting 
> <> wrote: 
> ha> From time to time a mail that should definitively not be marked as spam
> ha> is put to my spam box. I manually move it to my INBOX and mark it as
> ha> read. This is my setting in ~/.gnus.el: [marks settings snipped]
> ...
> ha> Now, for one, two or three starts of gnus the so marked mail stays in
> ha> INBOX but then disappears in the spam box again.
> Do you use spam-split?  What does it say about that e-mail in
> *Messages*, if you noted it?  What is your split sequence, if any?  What
> do you use to recognize spam/ham?  How do you train your anti-spam program?  
> You need to add a ham exit processor to your spam group to get ham in it
> actually processed as such.  You can also add a ham move processor that
> will move ham you see out automatically to your INBOX (preferrably to a
> non-split mailbox actually, since you know it's ham, e.g. INBOX.mail if
> that works for you).
> Your sequence then will be:
> (you) enter spam group
> (you) see ham in spam group
> (you) mark with ! flag (any ham flag will do)
> (you) quit spam group
> -> spam.el -> applies ham processor to ham
> -> spam.el -> moves ham to INBOX.mail
> Does that make sense?  You can customize the ham move group and the ham
> processor with `G c' on your spam group or through gnus-parameters.
> Ted

Yes, I use spam-split, my anti spam program is bogofilter.
I already added a ham exit processor however to the wrong group. ;)
Now everythings works fine. 
Additionally I found a script ->
which helps me to define ham/spam via bogofilter directly.


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