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using unix type mail alias file with gnus?

From: John Velman
Subject: using unix type mail alias file with gnus?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 14:57:00 -0800
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I've been using Vim and Mutt all these years (although I had a brief
fling with emacs about 20 years ago).  Having moved from Linux to Mac OS
X a year ago, I couldn't find a decent newsreader and decided to try
gnus (I'm running Aquamacs on my Mac).  Am trying to use emacs for my
text editing in place of Vim, although I feel guilty.  Everything is
going well (mostly) except for having a lot of key-combos to

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.  I'm now doing my email with gnus
as well.  Basic setup using procmail and nnfolder, so I can still look
at things with Mutt (as a security blanket), but generally am quite

One answer I haven't been able to find yet is how to use my .mail_alias
file with gnus.  It seems it wouldn't be too hard to write some elisp to
do that, but perhaps someone has done it?

Most mail addressing advice I find for gnus seems to use the BBDB, which
seems to have mixed results on Aquamacs (based on my googling).  It also
seems like a real overkill for me.  I'm something of a dinosaur and keep
mailing addresses with pen and ink, keep business cards I need with a
big paperclip.  All I want from a mail-address-keeping program is my
alias for the person, the real name, and the email address.


John Velman

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