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[solved] Re: using unix type mail alias file with gnus?

From: John Velman
Subject: [solved] Re: using unix type mail alias file with gnus?
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:36:28 -0800
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Teemu Likonen <> writes:

> On 2009-02-17 14:57 (-0800), John Velman wrote:
>> One answer I haven't been able to find yet is how to use my
>> .mail_alias file with gnus. It seems it wouldn't be too hard to write
>> some elisp to do that, but perhaps someone has done it?
> This may not answer exactly your question but ~/.mailrc file work too.
> The format is nearly the same as Mutt's alias file:
>     alias shortname "First Lastname <email@address>"
> Aliases will be expanded in message-writing buffer when editing
> recipient headers.

Thanks, Teemu. 

 I should have known (or found this) but never thought to
look for mailrc.  I haven't used vanilla mail since about 1986 (with
at&t pc, small local network, and uucp for anything outside the
building).  I'd completely forgotten about .mailrc.  I had to do some
editing on my .mail_alias file (still have some to do), but it was a
small file and needed to be pruned anyway.

Thanks again,

John V.

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