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Re: gnus scoring insanity

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: gnus scoring insanity
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 22:07:45 +0200
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On Tue, 16 Jun 2009 18:45:08 -0600, wrote:

>> I use scoring very simply: To not see articles from people I've becomed
>> tired of.

> Feel free to include me.  

I thought about using you as the example, but decided against it. Apart
from your tone of voice, your input is valuable, I think.

>> To this purpose, I have a single file, called ~/News/all.SCORE, which
>> contains this¹:

> Interesting.  Was I supposed to manually create the all.SCORE file?

You seemed not to like to use the commands in Gnus, so I described how I
use it. There is more than one way to do it.

> If so, this has become a major issue, it not being a first time I've
> created necessary files. Problem is, I've yet to find one word of
> instruction in the gnus manual that I should create any files and what
> and where those files should be named/located.

You can if you want to - if you don't you can use the commands listed in
the manual.

>> But I guess that was in the half you skipped.

> Oooh... you can be a bit salty too.  ;)


>>> "The current score file is by default the group's local score file,
>>> even if no such score file actually exists. To insert score commands
>>> into some other score file (e.g. `all.SCORE'), you must first make
>>> this score file the current one."

>> Which part of that paragraph is unclear to you?

> All of it!  What current score file?

The score file that is currently in use, is how I interpret it.

> Does it have an actual name and location?

That depends on whether it exists, as it says above. If it doesn't, it
doesn't have a name and location until created.

> Does gnus create it or am I supposed to guess about that issue again?

Depends on what you want, I guess.

> If I am, I need to know the file name to create and where. I don't. 

So, use the commands in the manual.

> Same questions for the local score file. "some other score file"? I
> don't want possible examples, I need concrete information. Last but
> not least, what is "this" score file?

Some other score file you want the score commands inserted into rather
than the current, whether it exists or not.

> The whole paragraph is useless.

That's a very broad statement. To you, yes. To me, it kind of almost
makes sense.

> Near as I can tell, some unnamed default score file is actually some
> other unnamed score file, EVEN IF NO SUCH SCORE FILE EXISTS!! That's a
> killer, that one. Lastly, to insert commands into SOME OTHER(!) 
> unnamed score file, you must first make THIS OTHER SCORE FILE (????) 
> "the current one". Who's on first!?

Reference manuals are boring to write. I think it's okay to inject some
fun into it.

>> In ~/News/, unless you ask Gnus to put them somewhere else (by setting
>> gnus-kill-files-directory²).

> I'll hafta do that, as that exact same file name and dir is used by
> slrn, which I still have in case I lose my gnus mind.

If it confuses slrn then, yeah, better move them.

>> They were probably obvious to the author at the time.

> Or they were on drugs.  ;)

Written many reference manuals, have you? :-)

>> Which terms are the ones you consider 'proprietary'?!

> All the ones having to do with emacs which I don't know the meaning of.

What does 'proprietary' signify in that context?

> Don't take my rants personally.  I sometimes get frustrated, but still
> slog on.

Ditto. I'm sure you would get less annoying replies if you wrote less
annoying rants.



 "They were trying to make me an insider to some kind         Adam Sjøgren
  of trip they were on. I don't think so."     

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