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Re: More gnewb questions

From: Marshall Price
Subject: Re: More gnewb questions
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 23:54:07 -0400
User-agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20090302) wrote: (Adam Sjøgren) writes:
(Emacs is one big mechanism to create text-files! :-))

Boy, howdy!  That's what I'm finally getting the hang of.  Before, I'd
open 2-3 sessions of emacs in xterms (frames?) and do a single thing
in each xterm.  Dired, file edit, etc.  Now, it's finally coming
together and I'm not intimidated by multiple windows in a single emacs
session and moving around from one window to the other.  w00t!

I think I found Pedit ("Program Editor") from garbo, or somewhere like that. I think there's a more popular "Pedit", but the one I use is small, simple, and fast, and you can easily teach it to repeat keystrokes. It's for Windows.

In the help window, it says the e-mail address is, but that doesn't work, and the URL is supposed to be, but that doesn't work, either. :(

I hear emacs is more powerful than edlin, but it doesn't come free with laptops, and edlin does; it's just hard to find.

Marshall Price of Miami

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