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Unable to fetch article bodies from specific group

From: Ben Finney
Subject: Unable to fetch article bodies from specific group
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:27:09 +1000
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Howdy all,

I'm trying to use Gnus with my ISP's Usenet service,
‘’. (That will refuse access from anyone not using
Internode as an ISP.)

When I visit a group such as ‘news.groups.questions’, this works fine: I
can fetch the article headers and bodies. However there is a specific

When I use Gnus with ‘’ to read ‘comp.lang.python’,
I can fetch the summary (which I presume fetches the header of each
article), but attempting to fetch *any* article body, old or new, gives
the message “No such article (may have expired or been canceled)” from

When I use ‘telnet nntp’ and speak the NNTP
protocol, I *can* fetch any article body from that group with the ‘BODY’

What could be causing this? How can I diagnose it further, or fix it?

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Ben Finney

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