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Re: How many articles do you want to ...?

From: Merciadri Luca
Subject: Re: How many articles do you want to ...?
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 11:58:28 +0200
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> You could start by looking up
>       gnus-large-newsgroup
> Then group parameters.
> e.g I have
> (setq gnus-large-newsgroup 100);
> If you wanted no confirmation then
> (setq gnus-large-newsgroup nil)
Thanks. That is what I was looking for.
> (ps, I have gnus setup to auto snip signatures on reply : your signature
> separator should be "-- " if you want it standard, you have it as
> "--").
I set (setq gnus-signature-separator '("^-- $")), but I do not
understand why my signature is not as you want.

Merciadri Luca

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