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Re: My signature and its (missing) space

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: My signature and its (missing) space
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 13:21:46 +0200
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Merciadri Luca <> writes:

> Richard Riley <> writes:
>> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>>> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>>>>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>>>>> Merciadri Luca <> writes:
>>>>>>> (Adam Sjøgren) writes:
>>>>>>>> How?
>>>>>>> Like this, I think I did not do anything more to configure MailCrypt.
>>>>>>>> You quoted a lot of stuff which to my untrained eyes didn't look like 
>>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>>> had anything to do with Mailcrypt or defining that you want all your
>>>>>>>> outgoing articles (Inline) pgp-signed.
>>>>>>> That is everything I can give. I do not see any other interesting
>>>>>>> elements in my .gnus and .emacs.
>>>>>>>> I thought Mailcrypt was deprecated a long time ago? Isn't the currently
>>>>>>>> recommended way epg?
>>>>>>> According to, the last
>>>>>>> version is of Sept. 26, 2002. You should be right, but I did not had
>>>>>>> any echoes about this. Everything that I can say is that it works
>>>>>>> pretty well.
>>>>>> Except for the problems? :-)
>>>>> It is not a real problem for me, but I was astonished about such
>>>>> reactions concerning my signature.
>>>> What reaction? It was merely pointed out hat your signature is
>>>> incorrectly set and that Gnu normally does it correctly. This suggests a
>>>> bug in Gnu or an error on your part.
>>> I hadn't thought that people would notice such a thing!
>> You notice it when you reply. Gnus automatically cuts of the signature
>> when its properly set. You not setting it correctly means it must be
>> manually done or one must change the regexp which matches the "-- ".
>> It's a minor inconvenience. Not the end of the world.
> Yes, but I was surprised as it is a detail. I had never thought that
> people would notice such a detail. But I anyway find it important.
>>>>>> Did you try the settings I posted for using epa? I know it wasn't
>>>>>> documented properly a while ago but I think its improved.
>>>>> Yes, but it does not work with my settings. The configuration seems
>>>>> really difficult, to make your code working in adequacy with my proper
>>>>> settings.
>>>> What settings do you have where you think the 2 or 3 lines I showed you
>>>> dont work? Someone else helpfully suggested you are using the wrong, out
>>>> of date and non supported mailcrypt for some reason. You need to use
>>>> epa.
>>> Principally, I have parameterized MIME settings for PGnus.
>> What does that mean?
> I am using a special configuration with homemade parameters. Here are
> the potential things which would potentially interfere with my
> settings:
> 1. MIME Settings (from my .gnus):
> ;; MIME Settings for PGnus
>  (require 'mm-util)
>  (defun mm-read-charset (prompt)
>    "Return a charset."
>    'iso-8859-15)
>  (setq gnus-default-posting-charset (quote iso-8859-15))
>  (setq gnus-article-decode-mime-words t)
>  (setq gnus-article-decode-charset 1)
>  (setq gnus-mime-view-all-parts t) ; View all the MIME parts in current 
> article
>  (setq gnus-ignored-mime-types
>        '("text/x-vcard"))
>  (setq gnus-unbuttonized-mime-types nil) ; MIME type -> no buttons when 
> rendered
>  (setq
>  ;; Add buttons
>   gnus-treat-buttonize t
>   ;; Add buttons to the head
>   gnus-treat-buttonize-head 'head
>   ;; Emphasize text
>   gnus-treat-emphasize t
>   ;; Fill the article
>   gnus-treat-fill-article nil
> ;  ;; Remove carriage returns
>   gnus-treat-strip-cr 'last
>   ;; Hide headers
>   gnus-treat-hide-headers 'head
> ;  ;; Hide boring headers
>   gnus-treat-hide-boring-headers 'head
>   ;; Hide the signature
>   gnus-treat-hide-signature nil
>  ;; Hide cited text
> ;  gnus-treat-hide-citation nil
>   ;; Strip PGP signatures
>   gnus-treat-strip-pgp 'last
> ;  ;; Strip PEM signatures
>   gnus-treat-strip-pem 'last
>   ;; Highlight the headers
>   gnus-treat-highlight-headers 'head
>   ;; Highlight cited text
> ;  gnus-treat-highlight-citation 'last
>   ;; Highlight the signature
>   gnus-treat-highlight-signature 'last
>   ;; Display the Date in UT (GMT)
>   gnus-treat-date-ut nil
>   ;; Display the Date in the local timezone
>   gnus-treat-date-local nil
>   ;; Display the date in the original timezone
>   gnus-treat-date-original nil
>   ;; Strip trailing blank lines
>   gnus-treat-strip-trailing-blank-lines 'last
>  ;; Strip leading blank lines
>   gnus-treat-strip-leading-blank-lines 'last
>   ;; Strip multiple blank lines
>   gnus-treat-strip-multiple-blank-lines 'last
>   ;; Strip all blank lines
>   ;; gnus-treat-strip-blank-lines nil
>   ;; Treat overstrike highlighting
>   gnus-treat-overstrike 'last
>   )
>  ;;* show the text/plain part before the text/html part in 
> multpart/alternative
>  (require 'mm-decode)
>  ;;;-- no way do compile with this
> ; ;;;--(push "text/plain" mm-alternative-precedence)
>  ;;;--(setq mm-alternative-precedence "text/plain")
>  (message "gnus.el: MIME initialized")
> 2. I had pretty nothing to do to configure Mailcrypt correctly (it was really 
> a
> straightforward installation). Thus, I am having various parts of my
> Gnus being mixed with Mailcrypt (Mailcrypt is integrated in it): when
> sending an e-mail, or to a newsgroup, it asks me to sign. I am obliged
> to sign. For example, I have to type C-c y (my private key).
> I am going to try to use epa, but I do not want it to messes with my
> settings.

I really would recommend losing all your settings and just start with
epa. Since its all fairly new it would not be such a loss and then you
can bring them back in one at a time if you feel them necessary. Some of
them look rather confused anyway (although I might well be mistaken)
.. e.g I didnt see stuff like this really before:

>   ;; Display the Date in UT (GMT)
>   gnus-treat-date-ut nil
>   ;; Display the Date in the local timezone
>   gnus-treat-date-local nil
>   ;; Display the date in the original timezone
>   gnus-treat-date-original nil

Why all 3 to nil? What are the defaults? Here they are nil.

>> I'm confused as to why you seem so reluctant to use
>> epa as suggested by 2 or 3 different people.
> Sorry if that is what my attitude looks like. That is not what I want
> to do: if epa is better (and it seems so, as suggested by 2 or three

It's not that its better. Its that its what you should be using. (And
its probably better :-;).

| Here is what I learned during the past few days:
| - pgg and mailcrypt are obsolete. One should use EasyPG now.
| - EasyPG ships with current Emacs versions like for example,
|    the one I use
| - one can switch among his key IDs signing and/or en/decryption if
|    needed (lines 9 to 18) below

The Wiki entry

Could probably do with a mention of it replacing mailcrypt et al.

I had similar issues a couple of years ago and it certainly is not clear
what should be used at times. Go with epa and see how you get on.

Good luck!

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