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Re: Big IMAP folders

From: 牛粥
Subject: Re: Big IMAP folders
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 07:24:23 +0900
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Ted Zlatanov <> writes:

> On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 15:27:53 +0900 (牛粥) wrote: 
> 牛> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>>> On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:42:56 +0900 (牛粥) wrote: 
> 牛> At Gmail i have big imap folders (linux-kernel list, freebsd-stuff
> 牛> list). By the way my Gnus cannot fetch mails from the folders. Whenever
> 牛> i try, Gnus goes to hang! It is so seriously to me. Unavoidably i launch
> 牛> Thunderbird for the folders (linux-kernel list and freebsd-stuff
> 牛> list). Is there a solution?
>>> Can you fetch the last 200 articles (`C-u 200 RET')?
> 牛> Still Gnus goes to hang ..;;
> This means something else is wrong, not performance.  Turn imap-log on.
> Try fetching just one message.  What's in the *imap-log* buffer after
> the failed fetch?  Also show us your Gmail server definition.
> Can you connect to other IMAP servers?
> Are you running a recent Emacs+Gnus version?

My Gnus and IMAP (Gmail) are normal. So that's not point. 

According my testing with long paient at Gmail's linux-kernel folder, it
is not hang exactly. Just it takes time (about 38 minutes) to open. So
i'm going to give up to use IMAP. What do you think of? Or any adivces?


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