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Re: Big IMAP folders

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Big IMAP folders
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 09:32:38 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.110011 (No Gnus v0.11) Emacs/23.1.50 (gnu/linux)

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009 07:24:23 +0900 (牛粥) wrote: 

牛> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>> On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 15:27:53 +0900 (牛粥) wrote: 
牛> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>>>> On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:42:56 +0900 (牛粥) wrote: 
牛> At Gmail i have big imap folders (linux-kernel list, freebsd-stuff
牛> list). By the way my Gnus cannot fetch mails from the folders. Whenever
牛> i try, Gnus goes to hang! It is so seriously to me. Unavoidably i launch
牛> Thunderbird for the folders (linux-kernel list and freebsd-stuff
牛> list). Is there a solution?
>>>> Can you fetch the last 200 articles (`C-u 200 RET')?
牛> Still Gnus goes to hang ..;;
>> This means something else is wrong, not performance.  Turn imap-log on.
>> Try fetching just one message.  What's in the *imap-log* buffer after
>> the failed fetch?  Also show us your Gmail server definition.
>> Can you connect to other IMAP servers?
>> Are you running a recent Emacs+Gnus version?

牛> My Gnus and IMAP (Gmail) are normal. So that's not point. 

I've learned from doing (sometimes successfully) hundreds of these bug
hunts that establishing a baseline is very important.  "Normal" has many
meanings in common usage.

牛> According my testing with long paient at Gmail's linux-kernel folder, it
牛> is not hang exactly. Just it takes time (about 38 minutes) to open. So
牛> i'm going to give up to use IMAP. What do you think of? Or any adivces?

You didn't answer my specific questions above:

- fetch one message, is it slow?

- what's in the imap-log buffer?

- how did you define the GMail server?



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