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Re: How to get new news

From: despen
Subject: Re: How to get new news
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:48:43 -0400
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John A Pershing Jr <> writes:

> writes:
>> I've used "g" before (in XEmacs) but ever since I started GNU Emacs
>> 22.3.1 I've had problems.  It looks like I have to wait some amount of
>> time before I can recreate the problem, once I've gone thru the steps
>> above, "g" works as desired.
> I had the exact same problem back when I upgraded to Emacs 22 (with the
> totally rewritten 'gnus').  However, it went away recently when I
> upgraded to Emacs 23 -- I suggest you try Emacs 23 to see if your
> problem also goes away.

Emacs 23.1.1 didn't help, same issue.

I tried to write a function combining the M-g key
and the "g" key but so far I haven't worked out
which keymap/mode to put it in.

I tried gnus-group-mode-hook and gnus-group-mode-map
but no luck.

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