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Re: Reconvering a whole thread

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Reconvering a whole thread
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 17:51:02 -0500
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On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 17:50:35 +0200 Alberto Luaces <> wrote: 

AL> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>> On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 09:43:31 +0200 Alberto Luaces <> wrote: 
AL> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>>>> On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 10:35:49 +0200 Alberto Luaces <> wrote: 
AL> while reading a nnimap folder, sometimes I want to recover the whole
AL> thread for the message I'm reading. I am currently using "A T", that is,
AL> gnus-summary-refer-thread, but nothing happens except the displaying of
AL> "Generating summary...done". Am I doing this correctly?
>>>> Hit `^' on the article to go to the parent.  Does it work?  It's quite
>>>> possible that the references are broken in the article, so the parent
>>>> can't be found.
AL> No, it doesn't. If I do that with your message, a message is shown:
AL> Couldn't fetch article
AL> <>
AL> However if I list all the messages with `/o', the parent is there.
>> Are you sure the parent has the right message ID, as you saw and
>> reprinted above?  If yes, can you post the Message-ID header of the
>> parent please?
>> If everything matches, we may have to debug the IMAP exchange and the
>> contents of the newsgroup data, so let's hope this is a mismatch
>> somewhere else.

AL> The Message-ID of the parent (my first post) was

AL> Message-ID: <>

AL> and the headers from your first reply were

AL> Message-ID: <>
AL> References: <>

AL> So it seems that Gnus does the threading correctly but it is not able to
AL> figure how to retrieve the ancestors of the same message.


Hmm, the references don't match.  The mail-to-news gateway seems to be
setting the message ID on its own but your storage (nnimap) keeps the
message with the original message ID.

I am using the gnu.emacs.gnus newsgroup over NNTP, though.  Is there an
example of a pure e-mail exchange where looking up the parent is
failing for you?


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