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Problems incorporating old mail

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Problems incorporating old mail
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 14:10:13 +0800
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I've more or less moved my entire email/contacts setup into gnus/bbdb,
and am loving it -- everything seems to work as expected.

I'm having difficulty moving my old mail into gnus, however, in
particular saving Evolution mailboxes as mbox files and then importing
them into gnus. Some of the mailboxes have come in fine, others have a
peculiar error where a mailbox of several hundred messages will be read
as a nndoc group of six or seven messages: 400 messages will get crammed
into one "message", with a couple of stragglers left over. The
mega-message displays as only the first of the incorporated messages,
with the rest of them I think interpreted as some sort of MIME part. The
stragglers, in many cases, are repeat copies of the offending message,
some as standalone messages, some with (1 part) in the mode line (but
displaying identical contents).

I've looked at the mbox files and the only thing that stands out is that
the offending messages (the ones that slurp up all the others) all have
MIME types of multipart/alternative. I have no idea if that's
significant, but there is it. I tried setting
gnus-mime-display-multipart-alternative-as-mixed to true, on the
offchance that that might do something, but no dice.

Can anyone recommend a solution to this? I realize that
multipart/alternative might be a red herring (though it seems likely to be
related to MIME somehow), and would be happy to provide any other
information that might be helpful…

Thanks very much!

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