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Re: Problems incorporating old mail

From: Alberto Luaces
Subject: Re: Problems incorporating old mail
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 09:41:27 +0200
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Eric Abrahamsen writes:

> I'm having difficulty moving my old mail into gnus, however, in
> particular saving Evolution mailboxes as mbox files and then importing
> them into gnus. Some of the mailboxes have come in fine, others have a
> peculiar error where a mailbox of several hundred messages will be read
> as a nndoc group of six or seven messages: 400 messages will get crammed
> into one "message", with a couple of stragglers left over.

Just a couple of ideas:

* What happens if you try to open those mbox files with say, mutt in
  order to see if the Evolution exporter is to blame?
  mutt -f mbox

* Maybe you don't need to export the mailboxes at all. For example, when
  I was using Kmail, it stored the messages in maildir format by
  default. Could it be the same for Evolution?


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