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Incremental limiting in summary buffer

From: Pascal Desroche
Subject: Incremental limiting in summary buffer
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 14:35:45 +0200


One of the few interesting features of "classical end-user" MUA is to
quickly find article with incremental search.

AFAIK, today, Gnus offers "Limiting commands" in Summary buffer but
theses commands are neither incremental nor "undo-able": If I limit
articles that match an author (with "L a") and then realize that I was
looking for another author, I must exit the group, enter inside it
again, then do another "L a".

Am I missing a more efficient method to do this?

I don't know much elisp so maybe the idea is stupid, but would it be
possible to use "Indirect buffers" to achieve what I want?

Thank you!

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