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Restoring nnimap tick marks from a backup newsrc.eld

From: Alberto Luaces
Subject: Restoring nnimap tick marks from a backup newsrc.eld
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 13:28:41 +0100
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due to some corruption of my newsrc.eld file while messing with gnus
configuration, I lost all the tick marks in one group of one of my
nnimap servers.

I had an old backup of the file, holding all the ticked article
numbers. Now the problem is how to restore them, since it seems that
nnimap doesn't update the marks in the IMAP server from gnus but the
other way around: if I copy the marks into the buffer provided by
`gnus-group-edit-group', those marks are discarded.

Last time it happened to me, I recall doing a
`gnus-summary-goto-article' for every article and then marking it, but I
wanted to now if there it is a lesser cumbersome way.



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