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Moving the cursor down the lines of an HTML-email

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Moving the cursor down the lines of an HTML-email
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 17:59:23 +0200
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Once in a while I receive an HTML-email - usually at work. They usually
display nicely, so I don't really notice.

Except when I want to copy a bit of it. I go h to jump from the summary
to the *Article* buffer, and then I press arrow down to move the cursor
down to the lines I want to copy.

Only when the cursor reaches the first line in the body of the email it
- frustratingly I might add - wraps around and jumps up the the top of
the headers!

I _think_ this is because it tries to jump from link to link in the
HTML, and the email contains no links.

The effect is that I yell unintelligble cursewords and my coworkers
become very silent.

I have mm-text-html-renderer set to 'w3m. (I think because some cron
emails with tables in them look better with w3m than with shr.)

So, are there any w3m wizards that know how to turn this off, so I can
freely use the arrow keys to move the cursor anywhere I want, just as
with non-HTML email, or shr?

  Best regards,


P.S. sorry about the level of rantiness.

 "You know, if the sun was an oboe, what would you do?"       Adam Sjøgren

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