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Re: [Postfix] Unable to open server

From: William Gardella
Subject: Re: [Postfix] Unable to open server
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 10:57:24 +0400
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"." <> writes:

> Gnus has successfully created a "~/Mail" dir that has all content from
> "~/Maildir," but when I'm starting Gnus I get the error.
> How to fix this?
> I guess that I should add my "~/Mail" dir as a group but I'm not sure
> how to do it.
> Thanks

If that's your entire Gnus config, the error you are seeing is because
`gnus-select-method' is not set to anything yet, and Gnus expects to see
a main select method in addition to the secondary select methods (yes,
this is an instance of Gnus acting like a newsreader and expecting to
connect to an NNTP server).  There are a few solutions: 

- Set up an NNTP server as `gnus-select-method' (I use here,
  because I actually find the Gmane service incredibly useful anyway).

- Set up some other kind of group as 'gnus-select-method'; this could
  even be your mail/nnml setup, perhaps on the lines of which
  demonstrates this, albeit with IMAP and not local maildir mail.

- Start up gnus with the tricky command M-x gnus-no-server instead of
  M-x gnus.  `gnus-no-server' simply skips the step of checking for a
  primary select method/news server.

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