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Re: Strange indentation in message-mode

From: Easior
Subject: Re: Strange indentation in message-mode
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 19:55:02 +0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.2 (gnu/linux)

>>>>> "TJ" == Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:

    TJ> Bastien <> writes:
    TJ> Hi Bastien,

    >>  Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:
    >>>  The mode line says:
    >>>  ,------------------------------------------------
    >>>  | Message MML AC OrgTbl OrgStruct yas Abbrev Fill
    >>>  `------------------------------------------------
    >>>  and I deactivated OrgTbl and then OrgStruct, but the problem did
    TJ> not go
    >>>  away. When I deactivate auto-fill-mode, the lines get very long,
    TJ> and
    >>>      when I press M-q the paragraphs get filled correctly. But with
    >>>  auto-fill-mode activated, M-q does not undo the strange
    TJ> indentation.
    >>>  Any idea what could be the problem?
    >>  OrgStruct in the mode-line doesn't tell whether this is
    TJ> orgstruct-mode
    >>  or orgstruct++-mode (I need to fix this.)
    >>  But my guess is that you use orgstruct++-mode, right?

    TJ> C-h m gives:

    TJ> ,----------------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | Enabled minor modes: Abbrev Auto-Complete Auto-Composition
    TJ> | Auto-Compression Auto-Encryption Auto-Fill Delete-Selection
    TJ> | Diff-Auto-Refine Display-Time File-Name-Shadow Flyspell Font-Lock
    TJ> | Global-Font-Lock Gnus-Message-Citation Ido-Everywhere Line-Number
    TJ> Mml
    TJ> | Mouse-Wheel Openwith Orgstruct Orgtbl Rcirc-Track Recentf
    TJ> | Shell-Dirtrack Show-Paren Tooltip Transient-Mark Yas/Global
    TJ> Yas/Minor
    TJ> `----------------------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> and further down:

    TJ> ,--------------------------------------------
    TJ> | Orgstruct minor mode (indicator OrgStruct):
    TJ> | Toggle the minor mode `orgstruct-mode'.
    TJ> `--------------------------------------------

    TJ> pressing the link:

    TJ> ,--------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | ...
    TJ> | orgstruct-mode is also a variable.
    TJ> | 
    TJ> | orgstruct-mode is a variable defined in `org.el'.
    TJ> | Its value is nil
    TJ> | 
    TJ> |   Automatically becomes buffer-local when set in any fashion.
    TJ> | 
    TJ> | Documentation:
    TJ> | Non-nil if OrgStruct mode is enabled.
    TJ> | Use the command `orgstruct-mode' to change this variable.
    TJ> `--------------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> not quite right, since mode-line says it is enabled. 

    TJ> checking the functionality, e.g.:

    TJ> ,------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | M-q         Fill paragraph and items like in Org-mode
    TJ> | M-RET       Insert new heading/item
    TJ> `------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> =>  (Promote, demote works)
    TJ> ,---------------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | <M-return> runs the command orgtbl-hijacker-command-106, which is an
    TJ> | interactive Lisp function.
    TJ> | 
    TJ> | It is bound to <M-return>.
    TJ> | 
    TJ> | (orgtbl-hijacker-command-106 ARG)
    TJ> `---------------------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> ,----------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | M-q runs the command orgstruct-hijacker-command-22, which is an
    TJ> | interactive Lisp function.
    TJ> | 
    TJ> | It is bound to M-q.
    TJ> `----------------------------------------------------------------

    >>  orgstruct++-mode used to *replace* some indent/filling functions of
    >>  major-mode (in this case message-mode) by Org's ones.  Deactivating
    >>  orgstruct++-mode was _not_ restoring the values for those replaced
    >>  variables... which caused confusion.
    >>  I recently reworked Org's code to fix this.  
    >>  Please double-check you have this commit in your git log:

    TJ> apparently not:

    TJ> ,------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | ~/gitclone/org-mode $ git show a8c312                       |
    TJ> | fatal: ambiguous argument                                   |
    TJ> | 'a8c312': unknown revision or path not in the working tree. |
    TJ> `------------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> after sending this post, I will update and refresh Org-mode and report
    TJ> what happened. 

    TJ> my system data:
    TJ> ,----------------------------------------------------------------------
    TJ> | "GNU Emacs (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version
    TJ> 2.24.10)
    TJ> |  of 2012-02-07 on arch
    TJ> | 7.8.09
    TJ> | Ma Gnus v0.2"
    TJ> `----------------------------------------------------------------------

    TJ> -- 
    TJ> cheers,
    TJ> Thorsten

    TJ> _______________________________________________
    TJ> info-gnus-english mailing list

Hi, Thorsten.

I'm very interesting in your styles of citing codes. It's so cool. I wonder 
whether it is
automatically made when you composed your messages. If it does, can you share 
your elisp
codes with me?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Ich bin von heute und ehedam, aber etwas ist in mir, das ist vor
morgen und ├╝bermorgen und einstmal.´╗┐

                                     Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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