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Re: threading broken in g.e.gnus

From: Tim Howe
Subject: Re: threading broken in g.e.gnus
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 12:36:13 -0400
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On 03 Apr 2013, (W. Greenhouse) wrote:

> Tim Howe <> writes:
>> I'm noticing many of the threads in here are completely broken.  It
>> seems the Message-IDs are getting replaced by Mailman ones so References
>> and In-Reply-To headers are left dangling.
> You can try customizing `gnus-summary-thread-gathering-function'.
> Gnus's default is indeed to fall back on Subject if References are
> wrong

Thanks for that, but I was actually commenting on the munging itself,
not how Gnus is handling it on display.  It seems something (GMANE?) is
chewing on the articles and replacing the Message-IDs with "Mailman"
ones, meaning that references and threading are broken non-predictably
depending on the path messages take.

Tim Howe

The lack of interest, the disdain for history is what makes computing
not-quite-a-field.  [...]  They have no idea where [their culture came
from] and the Internet was done so well that most people think of it
as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something
that was man-made.  When was the last time a technology with a scale
like that was so error-free?  The Web, in comparison, is a joke.  The
Web was done by amateurs.
        -- Alan Kay

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