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Re: Gcc is ignored when sending mail from emacs lisp

From: W. Greenhouse
Subject: Re: Gcc is ignored when sending mail from emacs lisp
Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 19:39:44 +0000
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Hi Alexander,

Alexander Baier <> writes:

> Hello,
> I want to sent mail from emacs lisp code, but the given Gcc-field is not
> considered by the send function and thus no mail is put into my "Sent
> Items" Group/Folder.  When I send a mail from within gnus, everything
> works out fine.  This is the relevant code:
> Sending mail from outside gnus:
> (defun org-tut-send-mail ()
>   (message-mail ""
>                 "[ELISP-TEST] Test"
>                 '(("From" . "")
>                   ("Gcc" . "\"Sent Items\"")))
>   (insert "SOME TEXT")
>   (message-send-and-exit))
> The above snippet sends the Email just fine, but nothing gets stored in
> my Sent Items group.
> Can anybody give me some pointers on this?
> PS: If you need further information, name it and I will gladly provide
> it.

Is Gnus up and running during the evaluation of this function?  Although
Message is a [sort of] free-standing library rather than just a part of
Gnus, the capabilities of message-mode, especially with regard to the
Gcc: header, depend on whether Gnus is active at the time of evaluation
or not.

When Gnus is down, message-mode can't do fancy things with sent mail,
like uploading it to an IMAP folder as in your example.  I wouldn't be
surprised if your sent mail from this function is ending up inside
`message-directory', probably in the default monthly archive file,
e.g. "~/Mail/archive/sent/2013-05".

If you want your function to always honor Gcc: headers even if they
point to something like an IMAP folder or other group that requires
Gnus's capabilities to use, your function should check the return value
of (gnus-alive-p) to see if Gnus is running, and possibly activate it
before continuing.

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