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Re: Loss of first paragraph on fill and reply

From: Dmitrii Kashin
Subject: Re: Loss of first paragraph on fill and reply
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 05:58:10 +0400
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Dmitrii Kashin <> writes:
>> Easily. Move your gnus-rc file (~/.gnus) somewhere,
>> start emacs with -q (not -Q) flag. Run `gnus`
>> function. Then use B key [1] to browse any nntp server
>> you want. And then try to answer somebody.
> You are absolutely right, neither of these issues are
> there when I start Emacs and Gnus the way you suggest,
> i.e., without my configuration/extension.

Well, this is the good news. Thus, a problem exists somewhere inside
your configuration.

You have a lot of configuration files. Try now to load some of them in
order to detect which one does contain problem code.

I suppose it could be .emacs-message or .emacs-gnus.

PS: Of course, the most sane way to detect problem is to watch some kind
of backtrace when you are in the buffer for message composing. But to be
fair I'm still unable to debug such a right way.

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