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Re: beginner splitting mail

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: beginner splitting mail
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 21:23:51 +0200
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Steven Arntson <> writes:

> I didn't go with nnml originally because of this
> quote from the gnus manual under "mail spool": "The
> nnml spool mail format isn't compatible with any
> other known format. It should be used with some
> caution."  Scared me off instantly!

That sounds scary, but what does it mean? What I can
see the nnml "format" is a bunch of files in a
directory tree, everything structured logically - just
like everything else in the Unix/Linux world. Not
compatible? I don't think it gets more compatible than
that. Perhaps it is the little word "spool" - if you
were to put all that neat stuff onto a tape (like a tar
- which reads tape archive, for the record - haha, pun)
- serious now, if you put it onto a tape, perhaps it
means, "except for nnml, no (other) backend can make
sense of that data" - but actually it can: with nnml!
So I don't understand that statement. But trust me,
nnml isn't scary :)

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