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why not just .newsrc? (was: Re: .newsrc-dribble autosave)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: why not just .newsrc? (was: Re: .newsrc-dribble autosave)
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2014 22:14:34 +0200
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One thing I don't understand is, if .newsrc-dribble is
used to track every little change, just to have in case
of a crash (which never happens), then why not do that
to .newsrc itself, keeping it up-to-date constantly?
(.newsrc or .newsrc.eld)

Is .newsrc so big it gets expansive parsing it?

In that case, a better solution I would think would be
to have "modular" .newsrc buffers - like one for each
group, or one for the gnus-newsrc-alist, one for
gnus-zombie-list, and so on.

I found some material here:

    Whenever you do something that changes the Gnus
    data (reading articles, catching up,
    killing/subscribing groups), the change is added to
    a special dribble buffer. This buffer is auto-saved
    the normal Emacs way. If your Emacs should crash
    before you have saved the `.newsrc' files, all
    changes you have made can be recovered from this
    file. [1]


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