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Re: What happened to nnslashdot and nnultimate

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: What happened to nnslashdot and nnultimate
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 22:56:09 +0200
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ok u answered my quetion literaly. But the question behind my question
is, what else like that is there, and if nothing is there why.

Why would people want to use this horrific forums of websites which are
not consistent at all?

So either u comment on nothing as example a youtube video or a news on a
german news site, or u have to use this horrific slow website interfaces
with horrible mouse-only guis.

Even on smartphones u have software like tapatalk becuase browser suck
on mobile even more than on a big screen.

Even websites like facebook and twitter use non-browser-interfaces
because they know that webinterface is broken.

Its so retarded to buy 10 ssds 50gb ram and quadcore computers for what
to fire the 50 open tabs in the browser.

Its just the ugliest, incosistent, slowest, dumbest, resource-eating
idea to render newsgroups or stuff like that (forums) with html.

If it were only that it would be bad enough, but u cant even make the
font sizes bigger on websites without breaking every second website, and
then other sites just have to scroll sidewards if u give them less than
1024 pixels size horrizental.

Its a constant pain, and u say to me they removed that killer feature
without any reason.

Again to come the questions how am I supposed to write in a non painfull
way comments to blogs websites???

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