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From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: XNAY
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 23:54:35 +0200
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David Hume <> writes:

> According to my installation of emacs there are some
> 22000 articles on the server in this group. So my
> articles are still present in the place I posted them
> for people to look back to. Unless of course I
> decided to cancel one. But then I would probably only
> do that if what I had written turned out to be wrong,
> or irrelevent or something like that.

If so, it is better to quote yourself and say "this
turned out to be incorrect, actually it is..."

And then you have to add - like US politicians - "And
in time, I hope to be forgiven" :)

> I didn't post my articles on google groups so I don't
> feel any obligation to make sure they go there and
> stay there for all eternity, or until the demise of
> google.

Why do you keep brining up GG? What do they have to do
with anything? This communication of ours is open,
free. The XNAY won't change that, it will only get
things confused and mixed up.

underground experts united

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