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Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly

From: Ray
Subject: Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:40:00 +0100
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Stefan Huchler <> writes:
>> thx for an answer!
> This answer doesn't answer any of your questions, but
> you are welcome nonetheless :)
> There is a huge section in the Gnus manual on
> scoring. Did you check that out?
> For what reason do you want scoring?
> If it is to block spammers and perhaps (f)lamers in
> general, for mail, I managed to do that with
> splitting, just split them to a spam group, then give
> that group low priority so it won't even show.
> Anyway, as for scoring, I never got that to work but
> it would be very interesting to have features like:
> * threads where you are active, bring that to your
>   attention
> * people who quote you, even more so
> * subjects that has been around for ages and you never
>   participated, downgrade
> * very short messages that contains +1, downgrade
>   (ignore), as they don't bring anything in terms of
>   thoughts or technology
> * messages that contains insults ("idiot"), ignore
>   (even when true, never pleasant to read, also
>   doesn't bring anything)
> I don't know if or to what extent that can be done
> with scoring, but I would be very happy to learn.
> At the very least, a common interface to killing
> (common to mail and news) and a clear separation of
> code and data should be very possible. I'd be
> surprised if no one ever did anything to that extent,
> if so, tell me and I'll se what I can do whenever I
> get, eh, "time" (ha).
> Keep Gnusing!

They are the very same features that I am looking to have in Gnus. 
I shall follow this thread with interest and offer what I can
when I can. 


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