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Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: adapt in SCORE file does not work logicaly
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 05:56:16 +0200
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Stefan Huchler <> writes:

> btw scoring is better than killing and what u do,
> because u have no 0-1 switch but u can have
> different levels of output quality filters, as
> example hide thhreads that fall into several fitlers
> and have a really bad (low) value, u could even sort
> by value and see the one u are interested most first
> and so on.
> I am just tired to hit 50 times a day L s s p and L
> a e p (author exact permanenct) for every video,
> when I know it could happen more or less automaticly
> or by pressing only k for everthing I dont like.

Scoring is perhaps better than killing and what I do,
but this case doesn't show it because I never hit
anything, and certainly not a four-key combination, 50
times a day.

What you describe from scoring is some kind of
interactive scoring where you score what you like (and
dislike) in different ways.

I'm not interested in that kind of scoring, I'm
interested in me manually setting up rules and then
have Gnus doing the scoring based on those rules and
the input stream of messages, and then show me a
"transformation" of that stream, transparently.

Right now the splitting does that, and the killing
does almost that (except it shows the messages as a
digit in the group buffer before it kills them).

Also, splitting and killing are very basic at this
point (for me at least), they just split (to spam) or
kill based on name and subject.

I would like a more intelligent approach where the
contents of the message is assessed rather than just a
couple of static parameters.

I.e, say some guy posts 100 posts, 10 are flame war
posts, 10 are "1+" or "Me too" posts, but the 80 that
remains are not bad at all. Here, I would like Gnus to
only show the good posts. That is probably a
non-trivial task to do, and it wouldn't be perfect,
but I think it could be pretty good given some time
for adjustments. There is a lot of material to train
on so it could be a cool project in many ways :)

underground experts united

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