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Re: They were right -- Gnus is better

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: They were right -- Gnus is better
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:05:15 +0100
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Damien Wyart <> writes:

> I would say posting styles are more "global" and
> more powerful (signature can be changed for example)

Don't forget the message parameters if you want that
truly global. I used to rely on gnus-posting-styles a
lot but eventually moved most of that work to other
settings. Here are some examples, that I use:

;; misc
(setq message-subject-trailing-was-query nil) ; keep "... (was: ...)"
(setq message-dont-reply-to-names 
(setq message-signature "underground experts united")

;; headers
(setq mail-header-separator "---")
(setq message-default-headers       "Mail-Copies-To: never")
(setq message-default-news-headers  "To: ")
(setq message-default-mail-headers  "Newsgroups: ")
(setq message-hidden-headers
      '("References" "Face" "X-Face" "X-Draft-From" "Mail-Copies-To" "From" 
"Gcc") )

underground experts united

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