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Re: color of transient-mark-mode

From: Helmut Waitzmann
Subject: Re: color of transient-mark-mode
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 01:59:25 +0100
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Haines Brown <> writes:

>Helmut Waitzmann <> writes:

>> Hit
>> M-x list-faces-display
>> to get the Faces Buffer.  Position the cursor at the line starting with
>> “region”.  Press
>> C-m
>> customize and save.
>I thought this worked, but it turned out to apply only to the current
>buffer because it was not saved. This reason is that all my emacs
>sessions use -q and define their own init files.
>What I need is a string in the init files that defines the
>highlight/transient background. Could you be of help here?

I'm sorry, no.  I use to customize the colors by means of X resources,
because colors are higly dependent on the color capabilities of the X
display (grayscale, pseudocolor, truecolor, …):

In a file, eg. named 'xdefaults.xrd' , I put the following lines:
! --START_OF_FILE xdefaults.xrd
        The following display classes have been copied from <X11/X.h>.
        It would be better to just include <X11/X.h> here instead of
        having copied the definitions, but I don't know how to get
        the root of the X11 include directory tree.

        Display classes used in opening the connection

        Note that the statically allocated ones are even numbered
        and the dynamically changeable ones are odd numbered

#define StaticGray              0
#define GrayScale               1
#define StaticColor             2
#define PseudoColor             3
#define TrueColor               4
#define DirectColor             5

#ifdef COLOR
!       color display; use colors
#       define MY_SELECT_BACKGROUND_COLOR       rgbi:0.8/1.0/0.8
#       define MY_SELECT_FOREGROUND_COLOR       black
!       no color display; use shades of grey
#       define MY_SELECT_FOREGROUND_COLOR       black
#       define MY_SELECT_BACKGROUND_COLOR       white

Emacs*region.attributeForeground:               MY_SELECT_FOREGROUND_COLOR
Emacs*region.attributeBackground:               MY_SELECT_BACKGROUND_COLOR
! --END_OF_FILE xdefaults.xrd

Then I send it to the X server by means of the following shell command:

$ xrdb < xdefaults.xrd

See the manual page xrdb(1).

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