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Re: how to set gnus authinfo file

From: Alice Bob
Subject: Re: how to set gnus authinfo file
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2016 19:17:17 +0800
User-agent: Emacs/Gnus

Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Alice Bob <> writes:
>> I would like to change the default location
>> of .authinfo.gpg file. For example, put it
>> under ~/.emacs.d/gnus/.authinfo.gpg
>> I cannot find a way to do this.
> Try
>     M-x apropos-value RET authinfo RET
> It seems `auth-sources' is what you seek.
Yeah, I have now changed to `auth-sources' instead of `nnimap-authinfo-file'.
>>From the help: "Entries are tried in the order
> in which they appear."
> But - why move it from the home dir? What is
> the gain in that?

Ha, this is my idead: since `authinfo.gpg' is only for Gnus mail
authentication, why not put it under emacs directory? File under
home (~/.authinfo.gpg) should be used for the whole user
account. Is this reasonable?


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