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Re: Are gnus mailing list archives available to download

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Are gnus mailing list archives available to download
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 08:08:12 +0200
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Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:

> It seems that does not have
> ‘canonical’ archive at all, but it had been
> archived on Gmane as
> ‘gmane.emacs.gnus.general’ since the very
> early days. Despite
> is not available now, you can still mirror it
> via NNTP.

Dmitry Alexandrov, since you seem to be a man
of action, here is a challenge for you:

Where has the Usenet and been archived and how can
I mirror THAT via NNTP (i.e., browse it with

In order for you to score the highest esteem
there are two control questions. One is "what
did they say on after the
Mike Tyson ear thing?". The other question will
remain a secret, but suffice to say, only
a very complete archive of
will suffice to answer it...

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