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Re: imap and .newsrc.eld getting out of sync

From: Jón Gunnar Þorsteinsson
Subject: Re: imap and .newsrc.eld getting out of sync
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 09:36:13 +0000
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What I do to correct this is simply:

C-u M-g

Within any group that is out of sync.

Þann 23.09.2016 skrifaði Par Kurlberg:
> I read mail via nnimap from two computers. Occasionally folders get
> out of sync, e.g., from my laptop I can see emails in (say) INBOX,
> whereas from my desktop the same email is in the INBOX folder is
> "gone".  However, the message is really in the imap folder on the
> server (coincidentally I'm running dovecot); I can check this with
> other imap mail clients such as thunderbird. I can "recover" the lost
> message by deleting the corresponding list entry in .newsrc.eld, and
> this makes me believe there is a problem with the local cache getting
> out of sync with the imap folder on the server.
> Any ideas how to fix this?  (Is there a quick way to resync the local
> cache against the server?)
> Any ideas how to debug it?
> Best,
> Par

Kind regards
Jón Gunnar Þorsteinsson

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