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Re: [OT] does gmane still allow nntp posting?

From: Robert Girault
Subject: Re: [OT] does gmane still allow nntp posting?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:03:43 -0300
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Adam Sjøgren <> writes:

> Robert writes:
>> Is it still possible to post to mailing lists through gmane?  Or is it
>> just for mailing list archival now?  Thanks!
> It is possible, although some people are reporting problems with
> responding to the TMDA emails.

I'm having such problems.  The e-mail bounces.

> Feel free to try in gmane.test

Will try again and again.  Thanks!

>   Best regards,
>     Adam, who is sending this through

Great to know!  Thanks!

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