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Re: [OT] does gmane still allow nntp posting?

From: Robert Girault
Subject: Re: [OT] does gmane still allow nntp posting?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 18:42:55 -0300
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Robert Girault wrote:
>>> I'm using Gnus to send this to
>>> gmane.emacs.gnus.user thru!
>> Using NNTP only? Without having to confirm by
>> e-mail? Is that possible?
> Not with Gmane as far as I know, I consider
> that part of Gmane. You can use NNTP thru
> a Usenet server, of course, e.g.,
> and then post to the equivalent newsgroup if
> available, e.g. instead of
> Probably the poor man's
> solution tho...

Sure.  I do that too.  But I've been considering other mailing lists.
Sounds like Gmane isn't quite right for everyone and I'm one unlucky.

Has anyone investigate  Is it just an archive or does
it also allow NNTP posting?

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