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Re: Generate and insert Face header from jpg file

From: Satoshi Yoshida
Subject: Re: Generate and insert Face header from jpg file
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2022 21:18:29 +0900
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Adam Sjøgren <> writes:

> What happens when you try? Do you get an error message?

Nothing happened. Just I received test mail with no Face header.
I got no error message.

> You have chosen to use gnus-face-from-file and a JPEG - the
> documentation says that it uses gnus-convert-image-to-face-command to
> convert the image to PNG:
> ,----[ C-h v gnus-convert-image-to-face-command RET ]
> | gnus-convert-image-to-face-command is a variable defined in ‘gnus-fun.el’.
> | 
> | Its value is "convert -scale 48x48! %s -colors %d png:-"
> | 
> | Command for converting an image to a Face.
> | 
> | The command must take an image filename (first format argument
> | "%s") and the number of colors (second format argument: "%d")
> | as input.  The output must be the Face header data on stdout in
> | PNG format.
> | 
> `----
> Do you have ImageMagick installed on your machine (i.e. the package that
> contains the "convert" command)?

OK. I installed ImageMagick and confirmed "convert" command is valid.
I retried to send test mail and got time lag.
It is evidence that Gnus processed something.
Error mssage wasn't displayed.
But I received test mail with no Face header again.

> To eliminate that potential source of problems you could save the image
> as a PNG and use gnus-convert-png-to-face instead.

I see. I generated PNG file by GIMP because I am used to it.
And I set .gnus.el

(setq message-required-headers
      (nconc message-required-headers
             (list '(Face . (lambda ()
                              (gnus-convert-png-to-face "~/face.png"))))))

Finally I generated and inserted Face header succesfully.
Thank you very much.

Satoshi Yoshida

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