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Re: sather-1.3-beta-7 uploaded

From: Norbert Nemec
Subject: Re: sather-1.3-beta-7 uploaded
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 17:33:44 +0100
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On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 07:47:13PM +1300, Keith Hopper wrote:
> In article <address@hidden>,
>    Norbert Nemec <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I do not really know, whether the thing does compile as well as I hoped it, 
> > since I had very little time to test it.
>      Ah! But it has all been built and the full test (apart from the
> concurrent stuff) has passed on linux 2.2.17 slackware version and the
> latest version of Windows 2000 Professional -- without any complaints!


> > Especially the concurrent stuff still 
> > needs a lot of work. (I have fixed a number of problems there, but still it 
> > does not compile completely.
> Oooooooooh! I have never had it fail to compile a concurren program (unless
> the compiler found a bug of course.  I have equally never had it fail to
> link properly - there 'might' be something to do with linux pthreads not
> working properly - and the Windows platform seems to run OK - but
> occasionally loses track of memory when terminating - a subtle but annoying
> little buglet.

I have no idea where the problem might be. Linux pThreads is not perfect, but 
it might just as well be that the current pSather code does not follow all 
standards and it is just luck that it runs on Windows.

> > Keith: despite of our discussion, I created that tcltk/ directory and moved 
> > some files it. Actually that's only stuff that was in platforms/ before, so 
> > it 
> > does not really touch the discussion about lib/ at all. Just take a look at 
> > it 
> > and tell me if there still is something you do not like about the solution.
> > I'm sure I introduced a number of bugs by moving files around, but the 
> > overall 
> > layout has been simplyfied somewhat by doing so, so I guess it was worth it.
>      Why does he keep on breaking things and giving me more work to do when
> I have least time.  If you have broken anything you will be leapt on from a
> great height - with glee - by me!!   Keep your fingers crossed, 'cos I am
> one of those horrible people who will cause a bug to reveal itself just by
> looking at the computer (well, I exaggerate a little!).

I'm sorry, but actually, I do not feel guilty. I definitely believe that I did 
fix more bugs than I produced. Of course, moving directories and changing the 
build-structure is a dangerous business, but IMO, the things I did all 
simplyfied the stuff we have, so - at least in the long run - it should pay of.


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