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Re: [Ring] Links to source code

From: Alexandre Viau
Subject: Re: [Ring] Links to source code
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 17:04:56 -0500
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Hello Julian,

Sorry for the spam, third email because I forgot to CC the list...

On 07/12/16 03:45 PM, Julian Foad wrote:
> A bug report:
>   The links to the source code are broken in the FAQ "How to access Ring
> source code?", section "GIT repositories URI on Gerrit". They lead to
> "Not found" errors.

These are GIT URIs. You can use them like so:

$ git clone https://gerrit-ring.savoirfairelinux.com/ring-daemon

>   Because it is an open source project, we should display the links to
> the source code prominently on the main pages of the web site, not just
> in a FAQ. We should be able to find the source code through the
> "Download" and "Contribute" sections of the web site.

Have you seen the "Released Sources" link in the following page?:
 - https://ring.cx/en/download

Alexandre Viau

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