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[Ring] Ring ID in Mozilla Thunderbird CardBook add-on?

From: Óvári
Subject: [Ring] Ring ID in Mozilla Thunderbird CardBook add-on?
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 19:38:28 +1000
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Hi Daniel,

Have you downloaded the CardBook add-on?

CardBook Preferences enable a lot of customization.

If you want more information, read TL;DR below...


The developer has been:
* rapidly implementing many suggestions
* incorporating translations
* merging code (if you send it to him)

The CardBook add-on works with:
* Mail Merge add-on
* Lightning add-on





On 26/07/17 21:00, Daniel Pocock wrote:
On 22/07/17 22:42, Óvári wrote:
Is there a way to include Ring IDs by default in the Mozilla Thunderbird
CardBook add-on (available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) so that all
contact information is in one place?


Could anybody comment on the difference between CardBook and the
built-in Thunderbird Address Book?

I've heard that the built-in address book is not being maintained[1], it
still only supports 2 email addresses per contact, 
CardBook support unlimited email address per contact...
but will CardBook be
the successor?  
The CardBook (Contacts) add-on is the cousin to Lightning (Calendar/Tasks) add-on.

> Hi folks
> Alexander Bergmann told me about this project and I'd like to inform you
> that there is already a CardDAV addressbook : Cardbook (here :
https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/thunderbird/addon/cardbook/ )... I would
> be very happy to combine forces to make it as the new Thunderbird
> standard addressbook... :O)
> bests regards
> VIGNEAU Philippe

Does it enhance the built-in address book, or is it
completely separate?
Either... Depends on CardBook Preferences --> General Tab --> Unique source of contacts

08.04.2017 u 11:10, Philippe VIGNEAU je napisao/la:
> hi folks
> The development of CardBook goes on, and I think that it is now
> eligible to become a Thunderbird featured addon :
> CardBook offers the possibility to use contacts from CardDAV, Google
> (groups not yet supported) and Apple accounts and of course also local
> address books which may be files or directories
> CardBook is translated in 9 languages (pl coming soon)
> CardBook is compatible with Lightning, Mail Merge and Mail Redirect
> CardBook supports lists of contacts CardBook uses a indexedDB database
> to store its cache
> CardBook offers the possibility to import Thunderbird standard address
> books
> CardBook offers the possiblity to import|export from|to CSV and VCF files
> CardBook offers the possibility to collect outgoing emails
> CardBook offers the possibility to merge contacts modified both
> locally and on the server
> CardBook is fully integrated in the main Thunderbird window (yellow
> stars, possibility to edit|remove|add standard and CardBook contacts)
> CardBook has a birthday manager to show birthdays by a popup or to
> export them into Lightning
> CardBook offers the possibility to connect directly softphone or IM
> addresses (Jabber)
> CardBook extends Lightning by adding a view of all events for a contact
> CardBook also offers a view of all emails for a contact
> CardBook offers the possibility to define and save complex searches
> CardBook offers the possibility to find and merge duplicates contacts
> CardBook offers the possibility to attach a vCard to outgoing emails
> CardBook offers the possibility to create filters related to CardBook
> address books
> CardBook offers a colored autocompletion when writing an email (as
> well as in Lightning)
> CardBook offers a powerfull contact sidebar when writing an email
> CardBook offers a powerfull print
> CardBook offers the possibility to restrict the use of contacts by
> email accounts and by address book
> and much more...
> comments seem acceptables :
> https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/thunderbird/addon/cardbook/reviews/
> About the future of Thunderbird, whatever would be the path to the new
> Thunderbird, I'm ready and open to work to make CardBook the new
> Thunderbird addressbook.
> Also to reply to Joshua :
> For my part, I have one non-negotiable requirement: we should be able
> to ship CardDAV support to our users by 2018. Beyond that, I think there
> should be means to implement new features in TB in a more rapid basis
> "if prudent" (and I'm leaving it vague on what exact criteria that
> entails).
> I think we may say that CardBook is the answer to this.
> Philippe
> twitter : https://twitter.com/CardBookAddon/



1. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Features/Thunderbird/Modern_Address_Book
CardBook implements the items (and more) listed at the above website

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