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[Ring] Multitude Of Problems From Unsent Messages, To UI Functions Not W

From: Nathan Royce
Subject: [Ring] Multitude Of Problems From Unsent Messages, To UI Functions Not Working
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 07:23:15 -0500

Ran a recent test with a "stranger(?)" and noticed some issues:

Me: 1) Android (bootstrapped to bootstrap.ring.cx), 2) Linux PC
(bootstrapped to local server, gnome client). Both linked together.
Stranger: Linux

1) Some messages don't get sent (or get lost?).
Stranger started with trying to send a message, and I showed as being online.
One has to request first? I think that's what android said.

I started with "test" from my android, and "test1" from my pc.
Stranger saw "test1", but not "test".
Later testing showed that a message from my pc was not sending while
android did (vice-versa in the first test).
Of course, the unsent message also doesn't get synced to the linked device.

2) Conversations can't be deleted on the PC.
3) Contact doesn't get listed under Contact icon on PC.
4) Add/Remove to contact context menu item does nothing except change
the item state.
5) There should be a Contacts view in android like there is on the PC.
Even though you can add a contact in the android native contacts, it
would be better to have a list of filtered ring users showing in ring.

Are these issues that the developers had not already encountered in
their own tests?
I can't imagine how these issues could have existed and the
application been considered stable or the version bumped up to 1.0.

If a dev would like to test it with me, we can meet up on IRC.

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