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[Ring] Camera access is an outrage

From: Tadayoshi
Subject: [Ring] Camera access is an outrage
Date: Sat, 19 May 2018 21:46:34 -0400

Dear Ring-team,

After having a friend who left a messenger I offered him to stay in contact via ring with me. I made an account yesterday and I m not using a stockrom. I m on a custom build for my device. So that allows me to restrict the allowances of all the apps. I gave the camera of ring a 'allways ask' when needed option. Now without ring on nor with it on forground the app wants to have access to the cam. It wasnt asked to take a video nor a picture. It feels awefully like the app tries to spy in the user.

A 'fix' to this might be nice and the fairest option towards the users.
If this keeps popping up I will stop and get me an alternative that isn't asking to use my cam at random times without reason.

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