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communication issues

From: Сергей Петров
Subject: communication issues
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 22:41:14 +0300


Me and my friend are trying to use Jami for communication and often have
issues. Sometimes we can’t exchange pictures, sometimes even text messages
not works. Video call succeeded only once and without sound on windows
side. Usually timed out .

I use windows client, my friend use android. We a both behind NAT. In
attach log from windows client – may be you can tell me what’s going on?

Second question about STUN. Is there any reason to add(and enable) STUN
server in settings if TURN server already enabled?

Thanks and sorry if I misaddressed.

Вижу русские имена в переписке – было бы проще общаться на русском.

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