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Re: communication issues + What does the STUN switch do?

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: communication issues + What does the STUN switch do?
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 23:36:56 +0300
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Сергей Петров <address@hidden> wrote:
> sorry if I misaddressed.

No, you did not.  This is _supposed_ to be the best place to get the most 
competent answer to a well-formulated question about GNU Jami.

Alas, this is far from reality.  If anyone casts a rare glance at what is going 
on here, thatʼs rather not a member of Jami team but some passers-by like me, 
who regards Jami as another obscure nonstandard communication network, that is 
of course better than, say, Skype by being freedom-friendly, but better be not 
advertised much nevertheless.

> Вижу русские имена в переписке – было бы проще общаться на русском.

Feel free to do that, if you do not mind to narrow your audience ever more.

> Me and my friend are trying to use Jami for communication and often have 
> issues. Sometimes we can’t exchange pictures, sometimes even text messages 
> not works. Video call succeeded only once and without sound on windows side. 
> Usually timed out.
> I use windows client, my friend use android. We a both behind NAT.

Looks like turn.jami.net does not provide you a good service.  Try another 
relay, if you have one at hand.

> Second question about STUN. Is there any reason to add(and enable) STUN 
> server in settings if TURN server already enabled?

Thatʼs a good question.  Indeed, the current UI provide a switch to _enable_ 
STUN independently from TURN, which does not make much sense to me.  The only 
explanation, I could surmise, about why there is such a switch, is that it is 
to _force_ some specific STUN-only server.

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